Jul 282011

Hello Houston, I’m ba-ack. I had no travel woes getting home. It was hard for Mark and I to part ways this morning, but we’ll see each other again in September. I slept like a rock on my 6;30am flight from Marseille to Amsterdam and then stayed awake for the whole 9ish hours from Amsterdam to Houston. I think everyone on the plane was awake and walking the aisles the whole flight. I felt pretty sorry for the flight attendants as the flight was more like central station than a plane ride. Mark made it home safely to Algeria as well.

I’m definitely a fan of the pizza and ice cream that KLM gives us for our last meal on the flight into Houston. I’ve had it before and I’m glad to see it again. I’m looking forward to going home to the bunnies and a chanage of clothes. I’m a little tired of wearing safari khaki.

Hope all is well with you and stay tuned for safari photos coming soon.

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  1. I had a double chocolate ice cream bar for breakfast in the Marseille Airport. I think it went well with the chocolate and nut bread roll. I rounded the breakfast off with some drinkable yogurt to make it “healthy”.

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