Jul 272011

Once again we are in the land of electricity and internet for the day.  We arrived in Marseille with no hassles this morning other than the stormy weather that shut the power down in the airport for a few minutes.  The only result was a delay getting our luggage, but we can’t even consider that a hiccup.

The Marseille Best Western gave us a room at 10:30 this morning much to our happy surprise.  We had time to empty the duffel bag and hang everything to dry after a minor soak in the rain.  Luckily we travel with quick-dry clothing and nothing electronic in the checked luggage.

Our next order of business was to take a cab ride to a mall so Mark could get a French haircut and we could shop and eat lunch.  By the time the cab came back to pick us up the sun was out and we wished we had brought sunglasses instead of rainjackets.  =)

This afternoon we will play on the internet, hang out and re-pack for tomorrow we both go to our respective homes.  Then it will be time to start typing out our stories and sharing photos.  Thanks  for being so patient.

=) Joanna

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