Feb 272014

Thursday, February 6, 2014 (Day 9)

Happy Birthday Mark!!


  • Lazy Day at the apartment
  • Steakhouse dinner
  • Movie night:  The Hobbit

Today we are celebrating Mark’s birthday and we started the morning off by sleeping in. =)  Today is going to be a lazy sort of a day.  I brought some presents for Mark to open from the family and also from me.  And for the gifts that were too big to bring, I had made a home video of me opening the gifts back home in Houston for Mark to watch with running commentary that Mark thought was hilarious.  So, we had a great morning celebrating.
We mosied out to the pool to sit on the deck and play on the internet for a while.  I was already a week behind in blogging, so I managed to get at least one blog out today.  Yeesh, it is amazing how fast I get behind!!  I also had a lot of work to do for my cycling club, the SCC, as tomorrow we are leaving on safari in Botswana and I won’t have internet access for a week.
In the evening we took the luggage that we would be storing in Cape Town while we are on Safari over to our next hotel in Century City and had them store it for the week.  Then, we had a birthday dinner at a steakhouse and went to the mall to see the 2nd Hobbit movie.  I find it amusing that we’ve been watching the Hobbit movie saga all in other countries.  We watched the first Hobbit movie in Austria and now the second movie in South Africa.
Tomorrow we are leaving very early to start our travels ot Botswana and I spent a portion of the day going through all our belongings to pack everything just right to meet our baggage limits for the travel.  We are super excited!

Photo from the garden yesterday

Kloof Nek apartment bedroom

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