Aug 102010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today is Upwardly-Mobiles Day. We started the day off at Yoga on 6th Street. Maryann introduced us to power yoga which takes place in a room heated to 95 degrees or higher.

After getting cleaned up, we started walking down 16th street, Denver’s pedestrian mall and ate lunch at Corner Bakery. We kept walking along 16th and spent some time in the Tattered Cover Bookstore, one of the largest independent bookstores in the US. I found a book with some weird Colorado roadside finds, but not many were on my route back to Texas.

We finished our afternoon walk at Denver’s REI. The location is superb as it is right on the creek with man-made rapids begging to be kayaked and tubed. Apparently the store is the largest in the US, but I couldn’t tell the size difference between this one and the one on Seattle. In any case, I was happy to stop here because they were able to fix my stove by adding some oil to the fuel pump line.

The clouds came rolling in blocking the sun and turning the weather from warm to pleasant. We stood on a bridge and watched the kayakers for a bit and then slowly headed back to the hotel. We took the free mall shuttle back.

Our dinner pick for the evening was Vesta Dipping Grill. Each entrée came with your pick of 3 dipping sauces. There were probably around 30 or more sauces to choose from. Everyone was very satisfied with their meal choices and we even ordered some truffles for dessert. Tonight we splurged and it was tasty.

Our final stop for the evening was at the Impulse Theater underneath the Wykoop Brewing Company. The improve comedy group was so entertaining that we left the theater with aching abs and cheeks from laughing so hard. I highly recommend the Impulse Theater if you are ever in Denver.

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