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Monday, August 9, 2010

Today’s theme revolved around walking to the clock tower, and then back to the hotel. We did this many times throughout the day for various reasons. Lucky that walk is only about 4 blocks.

This morning we had breakfast at Paradise Bakery & Café and then started our Denver tour with Kevin, the tour guide. It was a private tour that gave us the history of Denver. Kevin showed us the small amount of historic buildings in downtown Denver as most have been torn down. We learned how Denver got its start as well as the reasoning behind many street names. The most humorous fact of the day was learning that that blue devil horse at the airport killed its creator when it fell over on top of him. Denver still decided to display the bronco.

Since we had a large breakfast, we drove to the Forney Transportation Museum and marveled at all the old cars, trains, horse carriages, motorcycles, and bicycles. I found it very interesting to learn that the first electric car came out in the early 1900’s and the idea was abandoned soon after. Also, it was fun to see the history of bicycles. They had a train snowplow on display that made me feel tiny and a Model T that we could sit in and pretend to drive.

We intended to eat more crepes for lunch, but they were just closing, so we had a delicious lunch at Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill. While sitting outside on the patio, we watched an actor do a walking ad for a burrito place. I’ve already forgotten the name, so Andie or Christy will have to remind me. He did many takes of his ad walking up and down the street with varying degrees of animated talking which highly amused us. We did overhear him tell some people that this was an internet only ad. We’ll have to check it out soon.

After lunch we took the free mall bus up to the Brown Palace Hotel, the oldest hotel in the area. They have a self-guided walking tour at the desk and we marveled at all the ornate décor in the lobby. By now it had started to rain and after another brief stop on the mall we had to run back to the hotel.

Tonight was the first that we were inside the hotel for their complimentary wine hour and we played their selection of games including Clue and Scrabble while waiting for the rain to slow. We had a light dinner at Rialto Café and then packed up for we were checking out the next morning.

We will be sad to part ways in the morning and I will be sad to leave the mountains to head back to the Texas heat.

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