Aug 102010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This morning started out with a yummy breakfast at Crepes N Crepes where we obviously had crepes! Between the four of us we had a mushroom crepe, a margarita crepe, a spinach and feta cheese crepe, and a strawberry, banana, nutella crepe. We were all happy with our choices.

After breakfast, not having too much time before Maryann needed to head to the airport, we drove over to REI to do some more browsing and then walk along the river through Confluence Park and into Commons Park. REI sits right on the river in front of some man-made rapids that people like to kayak and tube down. We watched several people bike, jog, and walk their dogs along the path on both sides of the river and we played some card games.

It was sad to end our relaxing afternoon and go to the airport. Then, Christy, Andie, and I drove back to Boulder in preparation for our evening King Lear tickets on the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am in love with Boulder as an outdoorsy town full of active people. Every shop has a bike rack full of bikes, and everyone is out and about.

We walked along Pearl Street pedestrian mall and had a wonderful snack/lunch/early dinner at Boulder Café. It was happy hour and appetizers were half price so we shared a cheddar cheese fondue and tasty spinach dip.

The campus of University of Boulder was fun to tour and we ended up at the Shakespeare Theater area where they had a whole theme going. Outside they were serving food and had people dressed up in their Renaissance best and playing music. We had to walk through a building to get to the outdoor theater which was situated in a courtyard sided by four buildings. It was very Shakespearean. We arrived early enough to hear the prologue talk given by one of the main guys in charge of the production. He gave us a brief introduction to the characters, the story, the history of the play, and more. It was very interesting information and quite useful while watching.

King Lear was long and we didn’t get back to our hotel until about 10:30pm where we had a light snack and headed to bed.

  2 Responses to “Suitemates Do Denver”

  1. Cool pic of the theater . . .

  2. I took it before I was told no photography. =)

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