Mar 082012

Hello from Amsterdam!  It is strange to be headed on towards Italy instead of the usual Marseille.  I will meet Mark in Rome and we will then fly on to the eastern coast of Sicily from there.

My flight from Houston to Amsterdam was fairly uneventful.  I was sitting in the middle of a large education travel group.  Their tags said “NETCO.”  They looked to be high-school-aged teens with many very organized chaperones.  I’m always one to appreciate organization, as you know.  Once we got in the air, there was a short game of musical chairs to get the kids next to their friends and I ended up with 2 quiet parents next to me.  So all was well on the flight.  I fell asleep almost immediately after boarding at 4pm and we were supposed to be in the air at 4:05.  However, when I woke at 4:45 we were still on the ground.  But, we took off and managed to arrive early at AMS anyway. 

Right now I’m sitting in a new part of Schiphol that I’ve never visited before.  I am in a forest setting complete with running water and tweeting birds over the speakers.  I’m typing to you on my new ASUS Eee Pad transformer prime (not to be confused with optimus prime).  This little tablet has been working wonderfully for me so far.  I’ve only played with it a little bit and I’m curious how it will handle my travel usage.  It has a separate keyboard docking station that makes it a breeze to type up these blog posts.

Well, I better go head to my Rome flight.  Until I next have internet, I bid you farewell.

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