Sep 222011

September 21, 2011 ( Day 1)

Itinerary: Fly from Houston to Amsterdam

Today was an uneventful travel day without much to report. Supershuttle picked me up at 1pm and blissfully, none of the other passengers wanted to chat. This was good as I’d stayed up all night last night to change timezones prematurely and sleep on the plane. Checkin was interesting as the checkin staff thought I spoke Spanish or something and checked my luggage while talking to me in Spanish.

After an airport lunch, I boarded my KLM flight, noted that I had an empty middle seat next to me and promptly fell asleep before we even left the gate. I woke briefly for dinner and then briefly for breakfast and the next thing I knew we were at te Amsterdam gate. =) The flight was fast while I slept and I’m feeling much more refreshed and acclimated to my new timezone.

This ad in the airport sure makes China look fun. =)

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