Jul 082011

The last time I got ready for bed and slept in a horizontal position was Tuesday night. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight.

The casino next to our hotel is massive and connects to about 5 other hotels. My guess is they put the delayed airline assengers here hoping we will spend money. There is also an indoor food court/walk with shops and restaurants modeled after a hotel I’ve been to in Vegas. The roof is painted with clouds so you feel as if you are outdoors and there is a plaza with a fountain and a David statue. It does feel more like Italy than South Africa.

Lunch and dinner were covered by voucher. We even got some ice cream for dessert.

The travel agent had no problem fixing our schedule tomorrow so we will be picked up at the airport and start our safari to Matobo Hills. After that we head to Hwange and then Mana Pools.

Assuming all goes as planned you will not here from us again until we arrive in Victoria Falls on July 22.

Oh I should probably mention that the weather is in the 40s right now. What a change from 100 degees!

Have a great couple weeks and we’ll be back in touch. =)

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