Dec 032010

December 2 (Day 1)

We woke from our much needed nap around 6pm starving. Here on the other side of the world, they don’t start dinner until at least after 7:30, so we had to fill some time before heading out to eat.

The outside air hit us like a blow to the face. Brrrr. It certainly is not hot here. We used the metro to find ourselves in a neighborhood near the Eiffel Tower and had a lovely dinner in a little place recommended by our guide book. We were both adventurous with our food choices and were not disappointed. We had an interesting appetizer that was basically an egg cooked in a very dark sauce. For dinner I had what ended up being a sausage patty the consistency of a black bean burger on a bed of warm apples. Mark had the daily special of a meat cooked in a cream sauce with rice.

After dinner we strolled over to the Eiffel Tower to get our first glimpse of the Paris landmark. I have to say that it looks rather out of place in the city and really more resembles a giant Eiffel Tower souvenir that was just placed down randomly. We’ll have to go back during the day. It was a little too chilly to be patient for any decent night photos, so after some failed attempts we moved. After a little metro mix-up, we made it back to the apt around midnight. It was a good first day in Paris.

PS: The flight was not very interesting except for the snowy landing, so I’ll just skip over that part of our trip.

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