Dec 022010

December 1/2, Day 1

We made it to our apartment in Paris. Of course we did what we were not supposed to do and promptly got under the covers and slept the day away. Oh well. It helped that it is very cold. The heater wasn’t on in the apartment, but we went to sleep anyway. When we woke up freezing and saw it was 54 inside we went and found the heater.

The plane was a bit delayed getting in to Paris and they moved us from a gate to a spot away from the airport. This isn’t a prop plane, it’s a huge international plane! But, we had to walk down the exterior walkway and into a waiting bus to get to the terminal. Thank goodness we didn’t have to make a connection! The pilot told us to bundle up because it’s not too hot outside. Haha, that was the understatement of the year since it was cold, windy, and snowy outside at -7C.

We stored our action packer full of food (for Mark in Algeria) at the airport and had no trouble taking the RER into the city center and then walking the 3 minutes to our apartment. The apartment is in the Latin Quarter and is very cozy. We have a 275 square foot studio for the week. It is plenty of room for the two of us.

It’s now dinner time and our last meal was breakfast on the plane, so we should head out into the cold and find some grub. We will email more later.

Happy December,
=) Joanna

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