Sep 032010


(Subject line is Arrived in Switzerland)

Today was quite the travel day. For me, the day started on the plane to Marseille. I was happily surprised at the airport to be upgraded to a Premium Economy seat, which in my opinion is only a tiny step down from business class. It was pretty fancy with a lazy-boy type leg rest, much more space than economy, wider aisles, and even a plug.

I arrived in Paris only 30 minutes late, but I needed the entire 1.5 hours I had to make the flight to Marseille. I had to get my passport stamped, and stand in a very long line for security on the way to a different terminal. I slept like a rock all the way to Marseille. Then, when I entered the baggage claim I found Mark!
Mark arrived on time. His helicopter ride was really squished as he was stuck between some portly gentlemen. On the flight from Algiers to Marseille, he was on a real plane, but they still didn’t turn on the a/c, so that was disappointing. Also, for Ramadan, the separated the Muslims from the non-Muslims on the flight.

We are both very happy to be back together again and we had no problems picking up my luggage or storing it at the hotel in marseille. Then, we began our journey to Switzerland and learning how to use the trail station. Everything was smooth and we were happy to note that the train announced stops in English as well as French. The country-side was beautiful as we made our way to Geneva on the high-speed TGV.

By the time we made it to Geneva and walked the short distance to the hostel it was already 8:00pm. I don’t know what time it felt like to me, but I was exhausted. Mark was doing okay. =) We found a crepe place for dinner and had fun ordering off a French menu. The banana-chocolate dessert crepe was especially delicious.

After dinner we called it a night. We are very happy with the City Hostel Geneva. The room is tiny. So tiny, that the door doesn’t even open all the way, but we were able to squeeze in. Unfortunately we got stuck with a room with 2 twin beds, but at least it is a double and not a dorm room. The shower is right across the hall from us and everything is very clean. The reception staff even spoke near perfect English.

I’m looking forward to our Swiss adventure.
=) Joanna

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