Sep 012010

I’m sitting at the airport after a seamless experience through baggage check and security. I think I was at the gate in 20 minutes. Mark’s luck must have rubbed off on me because I got bumped to premium economy seating. We’ll see what extra amenities that means on the plane. I did get to use the special premium security line and there was no issue with the weight of my luggage.

Speaking of luggage, I am looking forward to traveling light the next several weeks. The 24-gallon action packer full of various food and supplies Mark needs for his next round in Algeria will stay in Marseille while we travel. For Switzerland and Italy, I fit all of our clothes and electronics into just 1 duffel bag and one carry on backpack. The more we travel, the lighter we get. I did not leave home without my camera and tripod.

I’ve been switching to Euro-time over the past few days and Im ready to sleep now, right on schedule. Only about another hour until boarding and only 13 or 14 hours until I see Mark and we start our European adventure. =)

Signing off for now.
=) Joanna

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