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September 6, 2009

Today is our last day of vacation and we are going back home. It really has been wonderful out here. We are in love with the pacific northwest. I want to come back and one day I would love to live out here. This area has a good mix of outdoorsy people as well as tech-savvy people. Everyone we’ve met is very active and interested in sustainability. Recycling is available next to every trash can. Bike lanes are plentiful and the cars really do allow them on the streets. We experienced probably the best weather this area gets. It did actually rain today, but we never got caught up in it. It’s beautiful up here with the mix of mountains and cities. I think it is safe to say that we’ll be back for another vacation. We still need to hit Rainier, St. Helens, the Cascades, and much more.

We got another full 4 hours of sleep last night. (I will be sleeping on the plane for sure.) We got a little mixed up taking the light rail to the airport, but luckily it runs every 10 minutes, so missing one train didn’t give much delay. It was raining while we took off, and then we were off. Until next time….

Thanks for reading my travel blog. I hope to post my photos soon.

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  1. I found your blog as I was searching for informtion on whale patterns in the Port Angeles area. My husband and I are from central Iowa and are maintaining a travel blog. We have spent a week in Washington state and will soon be leaving for Oregon and California. Our link is
    We posted some pictures of Rainier and areas around Brinnon and Dosewallips State Park, as well as the orcas between Port Angeles and Victoria.
    Barb and Glen Burgess/Rhodes, IA

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