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September 5, 2009

This morning we slept in and got a full 4 hours of sleep (big yawn). We decided we didn’t need to be in line at 8am again, and instead to walk down to Pike’s Market for breakfast instead of just hitting a coffee bar on the way to PAX.

When we woke up, we noticed that it had rained over night. We’ve been having amazing weather here in the Pacific Northwest and really haven’t had any rain. We’ve just had beautiful sunny days in the 70s. We’ve been loving it. So, I took a picture of the wet streets to prove that it does actually rain in Seattle. It never did rain on us though. =) Pike’s Market on a Saturday morning was quieter than we expected, but I think it was still early. We had another breakfast mix of pastries followed by the yummy mac and cheese from the cheese store and then headed to PAX.

We arrived just before 10am and still got a wristband for the concert tonight. Yes, this was definitely better than showing up at 8am. We headed for the booths we missed yesterday and then to a talk by the Fox Trot artist. we had a little more time today, so we went a few blocks away to the Baguette Box for lunch and then split off for the afternoon. Mark went back to PAX and I walked back to Pike’s Market for pictures and to do my souvenir shopping. Now the place was packed with people! Most of the people here seemed to be LSU fans and I switched from the world of gamers to the world of football fans in just a few blocks. I walked down to Pioneer Square again, and then decided that I was really too tired to walk the waterfront and the Olympic Sculpture Garden as I had planned. So, I went back to PAX. I caught up with Mark and we finished off the exhibition room together. Then we went to a really interesting discussion put on by Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band. They are coming out with a Rock Band Network in which bands can obtain software and the means to upload their own songs to sell on Rock Band. It was interesting to see how a song turns into a video game. They went into some of the software and it was quite interesting. We had a long dinner break and found a good placed called Palominos (?). Their brick fired pizza was mighty tasty. Back at the convention center, I left Mark to go watch the Omegathon (people competing in a variety of games to win a tournament) and found some bean bags in a quiet area for a nap. The concert tonight started on time, as we rocked the night away again until after 2am.

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