Jan 102009

January 7, 2009

The skiing today was very different from yesterday because it snowed 16 inches yesterday and today we were skiing through the powder. This meant that first there were lots of people out to enjoy the powder, and second that with so many people making fresh tracks in the snow, humps almost like moguls were forming on the ski runs. It was a bumpy day if we skied straight, but it was also very hard on the knees to ski around these small moguls.

Steamboat is on a warming trend, being in the 20s today, so while on the lower part of the mountain, we were too warm. We left our fleece layer in our storage bin at the base, however it got a bit chilly up at the gondola. We went up to the summit again today, but ended up stopping at the warming hut up on the mountain for food and warmth. It’s amazing that we can ski at the top of the mountain, but still find a place with food and facilities. It was a great idea to stop there for lunch as we had time to relax and warm up before we headed back out. By today we’ve already skied the green runs on the mountain, so we were just repeating what we’d done. However, it felt very different with all the fresh snow.

We stopped early and headed downtown towards Howelson Hill to watch a ski jump competition that was supposed to happen, but it was canceled at the last minute due to all the deep snow. It just wasn’t safe for the jumpers. So, we had a yummy dinner downtown followed by ice cream at a candy shop. We got to wait for the bus while eating ice cream that was not melting at all as we stood outside. It was good ice cream though. =)

I didn’t take many pictures today, but posted a few below. If you can’t see the images, be sure to check out http://markandjoannatravel.blogspot.com

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  1. Amusing “sunspot” pic.

  2. This sign was located in front of some houses or timeshares across the street from our condo. We walked past it every day and I always smiled at the sign covered in snow.

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