Jan 062009

January 3, 2008

Today we flew from Houston to Denver, then took Alpine Taxi (shared shuttle) from Denver to Steamboat Springs, CO. I was very prepared for all kinds of air delays due to winter conditions in Denver, but everything was perfect. We took off on time, we arrived early, and we got our lugage perfectly. We had about an hour to kill in the airport waiting for the shuttle, so we had lunch and ice cream. The Denver airport is very well labeled and has quite a large area with food and shops for people to hang out and wait. It reminded me more of a mall than an airport. Once on the Alpine Taxi with about 18 other people we found out from the driver that Steamboat Springs and the road called Rabbit Pass heading into Steamboat was getting quite a bit of snow. The normal 4 hour drive took 5 hours for the driver to get to Denver to pick us up.

Off we went west of Denver to Steamboat. Mark and I slept, watched some TV on the laptop, and watched the snowy landscape pass by. The drive wasn’t too bad as the plows had come through Rabbit Pass already, so we could get through. We arrived at our condo (Rockies Condominiums) with plenty of time to get our evening errands done. We walked the half mile to the ski area to get our ski rentals, then we caught the free bus to downtown to eat a yummy Italian dinner. After dinner we bused back to the grocery store and stocked up for the week and then it was back to the condos and to sleep nice and early since we were bushed from the day of travel.

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