Aug 122008

We arrived safely at IAH this morning at 7am, exhausted, and ready to
come home. We took a taxi home and found the house to be in perfect
shape. The bunnies were happy to see us (I think) and were ready for
breakfast. Our bunny sitters did a wonderful job taking care of them
even through the possible hurricane. In case they couldn't get to the
house, they hid food under boxes inside the bunny cages. =)

The house looks so big and clean to us after spending 2.5 weeks in
tiny, dirty, hotel rooms. We were happy to use the sink water to
brush our teeth, shower, and wear clean clothes! Today will be spent
doing laundry and other chores to get us acclimated back to Houston

We had a fantastic vacation. It was long and it felt long. We had
lots of time for sitting and relaxing as well as doing everything we
wanted to do. There are no regrets and no extra wishes. Everything
was perfect. Thanks for reading and keeping up with our travel blog.
I'll do my best to post more of the trip journal and pictures soon.

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