Feb 262011

Day 22 (February 23, 2011)

Itinerary: 3 trains to Marseille, France

Today is the first of our two travel days to get back home to our respective countries. This of course means that I don’t have many exciting stories to share with you. We had a very smooth series of train rides from Barcelona to Marseille. The two transfers were easy and before we knew it, we were back at the hotel in Marseille picking up the big, black action packer/care package I packed 3 weeks ago.

Tonight we opened up the care package so that Mark could finally open his birthday presents. Rather than carry around the weight on vacation, we left them here in the hotel in storage. Mark had fun trying to guess what was in each package before he opened it and I had fun trying to remember what was in there. He now has lots of books to read and some new toys to play with.

We tried to hook up with Wii for some evening gaming, but somewhere along the way the converter must have been fried somehow. We blew the fuse for the whole hotel room when we plugged it in. After restoring the power, we blew the fuse again trying again a second time. Haha, I’m sure the hotel staff wasn’t too happy with us after that. Mark will see if the converter is the actual problem when he gets back to camp. Who knows. I don’t think I’ll plug the Wii into any important sockets right away either just in case it’s that power supply. We used everything just fine in Barcelona, though on the last night none of the outlets were working in the room when we left. We must have left a wake of blown fuses.

Dinner at the hotel was pretty standard and we struggled with going back to French. I’m still stuck in Spanish mode and Mark says all the French he’s learned over the past few months went poof out of his head. Gracias, I mean, Merci. Si, I mean, oui.

Tomorrow I need to be up early at 5am to catch my flight and we will have our sad goodbye. Leaving my husband in a hotel room to catch a flight to a different country is not really the best end to a vacation. We had an absolute blast together over the past 3 weeks. It was easy to forget about real life and just live in the moment, be it on the beach, or in an orbital hotel room in the sky.

We really had great weather on vacation. I can only think of one rainy day. For the most part it was only chilly in the evenings and even then only in Barcelona did it get down in the 40s. Many of our island days were sunny, 80 degrees and breezy.

Thank you Facebook, Dave, and Bobby especially for providing us with the idea to go to the Canary Islands. We probably would have never have thought of it on our own.

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