Feb 152011

Day 11 (February 12, 2011)

Today was an amazing day for us. It means a short blog post for you, but for us it was amazing to do absolutely nothing today. We spent the whole day just sitting on the porch chatting and using the wifi. I was able to finish booking the rest of our trip. Mark was able to happily play some of his ipad games. With the sun on our backs and the view in front of us, I can’t think of a better way to spend a day of vacation.

For breakfast this morning we simply walked outside to the orange trees and picked several oranges for some freshly-squeezed orange juice to have with our meal. I could certainly get used to this.

Eventually we did go out and drive the 10 km to Puerto Naos down on the eastern coast. La Palma is not a touristy island, but if there had to be a tourist town, this would be it. It didn’t feel touristy at all, but we were able to find a good restaurant to eat at. In fact, La Roca was right on the shore of a small little cove. The tide was coming in and smashing into a large rock that was the center point of this cove. The crashing waves and good seafood made this dinner special.

Tomorrow we’ll head to the center of the island where the national park protects the caldera of the island and do some hiking. Today we just had fun being lazy.

Oranges picked from the trees outside, lemon cookies, and avocados picked from the trees outside all by Mama Rosa who owns these apartments.

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