Sep 262010

9/22/10 (Day 21)

Last day already? Time sure does fly when you are having fun. This 3 week vacation has been our longest yet. It’s hard to remember that a couple weeks ago we were in a blizzard on the top of the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, or that we were touring a chocolate factory, or even riding along the Grand Canal in Venice.

After a very long day yesterday we slept in until about 10am this morning. The Hotel Eden bed in Cannes was extremely comfortable. We didn’t do much today, but headed out of the hotel in search of lunch. Mark really wanted a burger before going back to Algeria, so he found a place in Cannes that, from the photos online, had good burgers. Once in front of the burger place, we saw the disappointing sign that they were closed for September. Noooooooo. =( It did look like they had good burgers. They had a Mexican burger, a Hawaiian burger, and even a Manhattan XXL burger. Alas, we had to move on.

Walking along the coastline of Cannes, smelling sunscreen and sea air, we looked for a place that sold burgers. By the time we had pretty much sunk down to the level of finding the McDonald’s in the area, we came across a place that advertised cheese burgers. We took a chance here and ended up with some pretty decent, almost American burgers with fries.

We wandered back along the coast and found the performance center where they must hold the Cannes Film Festival Awards. Outside on the sidewalk were rows of hand prints in cement of famous stars of the 80s. Richard Gere has very small hands. We also passed several cutout figures of movie characters like Spiderman, Hans Solo, Austin Powers, and Jack Sparrow. We did not put our heads in the slots, though. =)

We did see a couple free beaches, but for the most part, the beach was lined with private beaches with corresponding restaurants where you would rent a lounge chair and umbrella for several euros.

The beach is gorgeous with deep blue water and fine sand. We watched a guy build a giant caricature of a man in the sand, and imagined where all the sailboats might be going.

Eventually, we made our way back towards the hotel, stopping at a grocery store along the way for some snacks and extra food for Mark to take to Algeria. We picked up our bags and waited at the train station for our 3pm train to Marseille. That should put us in Marseille around 5p with plenty of time for dinner and splitting up our luggage to go two different ways.

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