Aug 172012

July 4, 2012 (Day 22)

weather:  sunny, gorgeous, high 60s or low 70s

Hmmmm, maybe I should just stay in Copenhagen and summer here.  It’s just too beautiful outside to leave!  Oh, and Happy Independence Day to those of you in America.  It’s hard enough to keep track of the days, much less the dates, or even American holidays over here.  =)  The vacation void where time and dates don’t matter has been nice. 

There is not much to report from today.  Our flights back to Marseille leave the Copenhagen airport at 2:40pm this afternoon.  We fly through Munich again, so we have 2 fairly short flights made longer by the connection.  We haven’t been on an airplane since we arrived.  We’ve been on a ferry, a bike, busses, trains, and the automated metro. 

With no reason to wake up this morning, we were lazy before we finished up our packing and then cleaned up our flat a bit for our returning hosts.  They are away on vacation in London and let us rent their flat while they were gone.  It has been very nice in the modern complex barely on the outskirts of city center.  It did feel a little strange knowing that we were actually staying in someone’s house that they lived in rather than just a flat that was rented out all the time as we usually do. 

It was very easy to catch the train to the airport since we were only 2 stops away, but we found the airport in a complete state of confusion.  There was a massive amount of people all gathered in clumps in the large open area and it was impossible to navigate to figure out where to go.  Thankfully we had plenty of time and we got behind the security with no issues.  We had lunch at a place called Joe & The Juice which we’ve been seeing everywhere, but never stopped in.  The Joe stands for coffee and they have all kinds of juice combos including some more odd juices like spinach, red bell pepper, and celery.  We were able to get fruit smoothies and a sandwich.

Then the day got too boring to report on.  We had no issues flying through Munich to Marseille where we arrived at 6:30pm and had plenty of time to spend quality time together before tomorrow, the big day of departure.  The 3 weeks can go by too fast and we are already counting down until the next time we can be together.  I did get an amazing ice cream sundae for dessert that even included a decoration on top to celebrate either Independence Day or my birthday.  That was a delicious end to our trip.

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