Feb 022010

Day 5 – February 1, 2010

We woke again to a slightly foggy and overcast morning. I think this is a pattern for the area. 😉 We checked out of our Motel Inverness with no problems and decided on the stop to drive south on Highway 1 until it was time to turn around. The rental car needed to be back by 5pm.

So, onward we went and the more we traveled the more sun came peeking out of the clouds. Once we were south of San Francisco it was even at warm 56 degrees outside! Most of our stops were simply to view the ocean from various road turnouts. We did get a chance to photograph the Smart Car as well.

More notably, we stopped at the Pelican Point Lighthouse. Just as we parked a school bus arrived full of children and their overnight bags so they could stay in the hostel there. It turns out many lighthouses in the area are also hostels. Luckily we were able to steer clear of the crowds while they ate lunch and we learned about the perils of working this lighthouse. This one seemed less dangerous than the one out in Point Reyes, but of course operating a lighthouse is still a big job.

The drive was beautiful. Many fields were colored bright neon yellow with some type of blooming flower. The yellow was very brilliant in color and many hillsides were covered. We tried to go to Anos Nuevo State Park to see the elephant seals there, but the parking was priced a little too steep for what would be only a 30 minute stay at best. Finally we turned around at a cement plant north of Santa Cruz and came back towards San Francisco.

Once our car was returned to Avis and we checked into our hotel room, we took the cable car down to Fisherman’s Wharf. Our Parc 55 hotel is right on the cable car line and the BART line in Union Square. We learned about the cable cars last time we were in San Francisco, but this time we got to ride them. I am really amazed at how they work. Hopefully tomorrow we can make it to the cable car museum.

We started in Ghirardelli Square with dessert and then took an evening stroll along the main street in Fisherman’s Wharf to Boudin Bakery. At the bakery we were able to get our clam chowder in sour dough bread bowls. =) As I mentioned earlier, this was my main goal for San Francisco.

And now we are back in the hotel winding down and getting ready for tomorrow. Our flight leaves at 4pm, so we’ll have the morning to be tourists.

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