Jun 172012

June 14, 2012 (Day 2)

Today is a travel day and not a very exciting one.  I’ll spare you most of the details.  I arrived in Amsterdam on a delayed flight.  We had taken off from Houston late and were unable to make up the time in the air.  Then, Amsterdam was very busy and we had to make some 360 degree turns in the sky to kill some time.  I took off running the moment we landed, but there just wasn’t enough time to get to my next gate.  The walk would have been 25 minutes, but I managed to run it in about 15 with the passport control and everything.  When I arrived out of breath and sweating at my gate, I was informed that the gate was closed and I was already booked on the next flight.  Major disappointment!!

However, it turned out to be easy to change our next flights, and I flew to Marseille at 2:45 instead of 9:20am.  I arrived with all my luggage, and we stored the luggage at our Marseille hotel with no issues.  Our next flight to Munich was at about 7:00pm and took off on time.  Then we flew from Munich to Berlin and finally arrived in the old Tegel Berlin airport at 11:00pm.

From there it was easy to use the public transportation to get to our rented Berlin flat and the manager met us in the flat to give us the key.  We then fell into bed.  As I mentioned……not an extremely exciting day, but everything worked out so we still got to Berlin today.  Tomorrow we really start vacation.


I had plenty of time to indulge at the Cafe Chocolat


I decided on a dark chocolate mousse.

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  1. Good choice on the chocolate mousse.

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