Oct 062014

Sunday, October 5, 2014 (Day 12)

– 4:15am wake up
– 5:00a leave hotel and walk to Terminal 2
– 5:30a check into Air France flight
– 7:30a depart Frankfurt
– layover in Paris CDG
– 10:30a depart Paris
– 2:20pm arrive in Houston
– drive home

Today is another travel day without much to tell you about.  Our flight out of Frankfurt was early in the morning, but at least the hotel is right at the airport.  We just have to walk and take a tram over to terminal 2 where the Air France flights are.  It is certainly nice that we can go home together and I don’t need to have a sad goodbye to Mark in the morning before heading home.  =)

Our flights were all on time and uneventful.  Actually, our experience at CDG was the best ever.  The passport control was fast and easy and we didn’t even have to go through an additional security check!  We aren’t sure what was up with that, but we’ll take it.  Boarding the plane, though, I got pulled to the side for an extra security check and pat-down.  Part of the check is that you have to turn on all of your electronics.  Hah, the certainly picked the wrong person because I carry on tons of electronics with on/off switches.  Luckily, they only found about half of my electronics with an on/off switch to turn on.  And then we were on our way again.

The flight from Paris to Houston is about 10.5 hours in length and feels long.  I’ve spent the entire first half of the plane flight finishing up the blog and going through my photos, so I can post them all when I get home.

Since there isn’t much more to share with you, I’ll just include several more of the pretty photos that I took yesterday.  Thanks for reading and keeping up with our travels!  We’ve enjoyed all your comments.